The whole back! After 90 beautiful ride Harley real estate license to marry a successful (Figure) – ca1806

The whole back! 90 after riding a Harley to take the real estate license proposed (Figure) – Beijing, Sichuan online news guards! Girls propose to men, but also comes with real estate license?! this "deviant" TV drama 24, but in the streets of Chengdu staged a reality version. At 8 pm, in Chengdu Wanda Plaza, a Chengdu girl, wearing a white wedding dress, riding a Harley, holding flowers holding a real estate license, the scene to the boys they love to marry him, and shouted out his declaration of love: I made your favorite Hadley, marry me now, the property permits to write your name! Send Haley to the house, only to Bo male god a nod! The scene instantly attracted a large number of passers-by crowd. The boy who was asked to marry was obviously a little alarmed, and faced with all that had happened, seemed unprepared and unbelievable. More and more people live around, taking pictures, booing, talk constantly…… "Wow, also take the real estate license to marry him, such a beautiful woman!" "reversed, female and male courtship, gave the house, money is capricious." "Now the girls pulled good Oh, such a high-profile love, the man picked up." "Hurry up and record your girlfriend"…… The scene has been boiling, and some people in the same call, promised her, promised her……" The boys under the watchful eyes of the people are surprised but still more sweet touch. It is understood that the bold proposal the girls called love sauce, is a 90, parents is the north city businessman, she just returned shortly, and love the boys love time is not long, love jam has always been the pursuit of fashion, their own money to buy a Harley, not love according to the rules. To see her boyfriend accepted her proposal, love sauce excited said: marriage is no longer the privilege of boys, others have to wait until the boy to marry him, I would like to counter traditional anti conventional. Like him, it is necessary to tell him all the strength. The length of time does not matter, Taiping too static ordinary love is of no value, while the young to do little luxury enough for ourselves! "Many of the crowd are loved dressing courage infected, have applauded the blessing. This sensational street is also counter proposal, hot Chengdu, staged a fiery passion.相关的主题文章:

[figure] Chevrolet’s new cool officially unveiled – Sohu

[map] Chevrolet officially unveiled a cool car Sohu – Sohu [] on the new car, the new Chevrolet cool record debut, the new car uses a new exterior and interior design, and equipped with 1.4T turbocharged engine tuning. It is reported that Chevrolet’s new hit will be at the opening of the 2016 Guangzhou auto show again meet with you. The new Chevrolet cool record with a new family of Chevrolet front grille design, stereo more spirit. In addition, the new headlight group also joined the lens, and is equipped with a U type LED daytime driving lights, improve traffic safety, but also brings a good visual effect. Compared to front, a new cool tail change is not obvious, mainly to adjust after the siege. The interior, a new interior color with cool black and brown Larry, and the current model consistent color. The main change is that the central console and steering wheel to be redesigned, especially in the central console has become more stretch, a stronger sense of flow, this design will undoubtedly be more popular with young consumers. A cool new configuration, equipped with electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, electric sunroof, leather multifunction steering wheel, vehicle stability control system, keyless entry, a key to start the engine automatic start stop and tire pressure monitoring device. In addition, the central control of the 7 inch screen is equipped with a new generation of Chevrolet MyLink smart car interconnect system, the system also features a Baidu Carlife. Power, the new Chevrolet cool record still equipped with 1.4T turbocharged engine, the maximum engine power of 143 HP (105kW), compared to the current model of improved 3 horsepower. Transmission, it is expected that it will match the 6 block manual gearbox. (Editor: Li Wei)相关的主题文章:

The boss to remain in business to cheat customers loans suspected of the crime of fraudulent loans b 残清1864

The boss to remain in business to cheat customers loans suspected of the crime of fraudulent loans under the original title: corporate debt to cheat merchants billion loan companies operating difficulties, the person in charge of Xu concealed the business situation, get more than and 100 downstream merchants bank loans to 100 million yuan, the company provided to use. Suspicion of the crime of fraudulent loans, Xu and Beijing haifuxin Trading Co. Ltd. is the prosecution to the court, yesterday morning in Haidian court hearing the case (Figure). Hundreds of people accused of inducing loan prosecutor accused, the legal representative of the defendant Xu Department of the haifuxin company, 2012 haifuxin company sales continued to decline, shortage of funds. In order to maintain operations, Xu decided in the name of the company to a number of banks and small loan company loans, and to conceal the business situation and debt situation, signed a cooperation agreement with the batch business banks, by the downstream distributors haifuxin company recommended to cooperate with the user to bank loans. At the same time, Xu also assigned the haifuxin company downstream distributors and users of private agreement, to more than 100 business loans to banks in his own name for the haifuxin company, making 1.4 million yuan into the haifuxin company accounts for the company’s daily operation, the company to repay the loan and interest, instead of the haifuxin company business loans monthly repayment to the bank, but only partial performance of supply or return money to loan business obligations. Public prosecutor that the haifuxin company and Xu deception to obtain bank loans, if the circumstances are especially serious, their behavior violated China’s "criminal law" provisions, should be held criminally responsible for the crime of fraudulent loans. Business: a large amount of borrowing from the public yesterday morning, the case in Haidian court hearing, accused the defendant Xu does not dissent. Reporters learned that the haifuxin company was established in 1997, registered capital of 80 million yuan, mainly engaged in wine business. Xu said in a statement, 2010 and 2011 are the haifuxin company the best business in two years, employees have more than 1000 people, two years sales of up to 1 billion yuan. From the beginning of 2012, the company began to decline, sales fell more than 30%." Xu said that in 2013, in 2014, the company’s sales fell by more than 50%, leaving only about two or three employees. During the haifuxin company warehouse drinks a large backlog, cash flow difficulties, the company capital chain rupture, to September 2014, the haifuxin company has debt owed 800 million yuan. Xu said the haifuxin company has been to bank loans for business, in good years, the repayment of bank loans and interest are no problem. However, since 2012, the company operating difficulties, it can only rely on small loans for short-term loans to repay bank loans. "The folk loan interest rate is very high, basically from 6% to 3%. But after the loan market further deterioration, cash is difficult, the capital chain is broken." Borrowing: customers confused sign one of the victims Hou lady testified that once she was in a meal with Xu, Xu said the recent liquor business is not good to do, to help her sales, 2相关的主题文章:

Transport captain Foreign media said the U.S. military is busy transporting equipment for the SDF – mp7a1

Transport captain? Foreign media said the U.S. is busy with the SDF transport equipment – Sohu News Reference News Network August 31 news media said, as the two countries developed to allow to take more cooperation in emergency situations of Japan’s new defense guidelines, to strengthen the U.S. military aircraft and ships transport vehicles in Japan GSDF training. According to the "stars and stripes" website reported on 19 August January this year, the United States Air Force approved by the Japanese military vehicle by American Army plane at Yokota air base and Kisarazu air force base. 3 months later, a series of devastating earthquakes in Xiongben, the United States C-130 transport aircraft in the operation of the Japanese truck. U.S. officials said recently the United States Army landing craft of the SDF armored car transport from Sasebo to Yokohama. Air and sea transport operations in the Japanese self defense forces to amend the rules of action after the amendment was approved by Abe Shinzo’s cabinet in 2015. Japan’s self defense forces have more freedom of movement, can support U.S. troops in an emergency, and exempt from the SDF in the area of geographical restrictions on action. The U.S. ambassador to Japan forces spokesman John severns? Major said in the message: "in 2015 by Japan’s new defense guidelines and the Japanese Congress recently security law, so that we can carry out more new forms of cooperation with Japan." He said that the guidelines are expected to have a large number of international peacekeeping operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster emergency cooperation in the future, as well as the United States and Japan to provide logistical support to each other. He said, Wright – Paterson air force base air test personnel in January to Japan, the United States to verify the aircraft can safely transport vehicles in japan. Responsible for the identification of the Engineer Brian Herriot? Said, the United States team to measure the vehicle and vehicle weighing, to ensure that the U.S. military aircraft can accommodate these vehicles, in addition they also checked the fixing device for preventing displacement of the goods during transportation. "We need to protect the aircraft and cargo," he said in an email. First, we need to make sure that the cargo loaded by the aircraft does not exceed the limit of the aircraft. Second, we must ensure that the goods can adapt to the flight environment." Jose Ferns said, in April this year, the 374th Airlift Wing to 16 vehicles and more than a dozen Japanese military staff sent to Xiongben from Hokkaido, to provide the necessary equipment for earthquake rescue operations for ground troops. He said: "in the training scene and respond to such as the Xiongben earthquake event with real U.S. Air Force aircraft SDF assets carrying Japanese land it is very clear that example, strengthen cooperation will become the future development trend of the alliance." Was assigned to the Xiongben County Health United States army barracks, liaison officer Jacqueline? L? Hearn major to help oversee the United States Army landing craft to western Japan team 6 armored vehicles transport from Sasebo to Yokohama to work. The landing craft was used for loading and unloading equipment at the dock between or on the beach down on the bow door tongue. He said the landing craft is one of the U.S. military equipment deployed in Yokohama. She said 6 American soldiers and 25 Japanese self defense forces took part in the operation from July 27th to 31相关的主题文章:

On the first day of the early peak will be half an hour ahead of the three station a welcome back to vidalia

On the first day of the early peak will be half an hour ahead of the three station Beijing a welcome back to Beijing Summit – Sun Hongyang told reporters yesterday, the traffic control department issued a forecast analysis of traffic, this week ushered in the peak passenger transport station in Beijing, the regional traffic pressure is outstanding, especially the Airport Expressway, Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing South Railway Station surrounding road congestion prone. At the same time, September 1st (school day) on Thursday license plate number 4, 9 limit line, the early peak traffic pressure will be more prominent, the morning will be half an hour ahead of the arrival of the peak. Half past six into the early morning after the opening of the city’s primary and secondary schools, morning and evening peak traffic pressure will increase significantly in urban areas, especially the early peak time will advance. During the summer vacation, traffic peak at around 7, beginning at 8 to reach the peak. Expected in September after the full school, with the flow of students into the traffic will be 30 minutes ahead of schedule. The traffic control department predicted that September 1st at 6:30, East and West Ring Road South to north direction, the direction of the city of Xizhimen North Street, main street, Caihuying road and other main lines of communication, traffic will be significantly increased. West Fourth Ring Zhengyang bridge area, the North Fourth Ring Zhongguancun bridge area, West Sanhuan Road Hangtianqiao District, the surrounding schools and Yongding Road, River Road, Old Summer Palace Road intersection, green street days show factory bridge, the car prone to slow. When the western part of the North Fourth Ring Road West to east direction slowly, transit vehicles according to the actual situation, from the Wanquan River Bridge on the west exit, the fourth ring roads, Suzhou Street, Haidian South Road around Zhichun Road. When the West Sanhuan Hangtianqiao Island traffic concentration, influence of Fuchengmen Road vehicles, West to east direction of the vehicle by the village in eight bridge bridge plate landianchang Road, Linglong bypass road, Chegongzhuang West Road and West Road; Old Summer Palace District Xiaojiahe bridge and traffic is large, after the start of the morning and evening peak congestion may increase, it is recommended to select Montenegro Hu Road, the Summer Palace road. Tongren Hospital, children’s Hospital of neighboring easy congestion based on past data prediction, more students to go to school and children’s Hospital, Tongren Hospital, eryansuo. Beijing Children’s Hospital in front of the West Second Ring Road South Yuetan North to South Road, South Road, adjacent to the Chongwenmen Tongren Hospital inside and outside the street, there have been wererecruited car, the parking saturation effects of road traffic conditions, generally 9 to 16 is in front of the hospital to road congestion periods. The traffic control department, prepared by the West Second Ring Road North to south to passing vehicles, the altar of bridge area appear congestion, vehicles can bypass to three adjacent in Hedong road or Zhao Dengyu Road, Taiping Bridge Street traffic. Three a station this week over the late summer peak welcome back to Beijing will usher in a return to the peak, Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, the capital airport surrounding roads were will have varying degrees of car congestion. Beijing West Railway Station by morning and midday shuttle station north square of peak traffic, resulting in the lotus bridge the main road and lotus pond road, lotus pond road, West Sanhuan Lotus Bridge Road, slow moving queue of vehicles. Beijing South Railway Station around the road, Majiabao Road, Shenyang south near Caihuying bridge to Shenyang, in recent days often appear congestion. Among them, shenyang.相关的主题文章: